Enterprise Engagement Partner Program

We provide custom branded sites for organisations with more than 10,000 potential connections.

•Provide value for members with great online shopping deals to save money and time
•Earn commission with every purchase
•Tap into the growth of online shopping
•Minimal effort and no cost to implement

Examples of a white label


Your branding is important. You have spent many years building it and want to protect it. We fully understand as we want to protect our brand as well. You will be provided direct contact with Head of Partnership Engagement who will work with you to ensure your branding is protected at all times.


Your sponsors need to be protected, they support you in many ways. We provide the opportunity to not only protect them, but to showcase them as well. 

With direct links, images and removal of specific competitors, we can work with your team to ensure that this vital aspect of your organisation is not disturbed.


There are some categories that you may not wish to have on your white label. That is fine we will work with you to ensure you have what you need.

An example is a youth organisation that does not want alcohol. We simply remove that category for you. We are here to assist you in any way we can.


We provide specific tracking codes for each category and product to ensure that any purchase through your white label is credited to your organisation. We also provide monthly reporting so you can see the progress. Tracking assists your organisation to measure the success of the platforms.

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