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MyCarte gives Aussies a fairer go

Amazon. Groupon. Uber. All technological ‘disruptors’ that have achieved great success by offering great value to customers. What these businesses don’t talk about is how their tactics hurt Australian businesses everyday. Or how little tax they pay in to our economy despite earning billions in revenue.

MyCarte is a new local player that wants to bring about change and support all Australians to get a better deal as the demand for online shopping continues to soar.

MyCarte is a technology company with digital platforms that make it easier and cheaper for Aussie businesses and customers to connect. Our business model puts profits back into the Australian economy, and can be replicated on a global scale. 100% owned and operated, our driving force is to give Aussie businesses and customers a fairer go.

How we are different 

  • We build intuitive, intelligent digital platforms that deliver value to businesses AND consumers
  • We use a low flat-fee pricing structure enabling businesses to retain more profits compared to other e-commerce platforms who charge high sales commissions.
  • We share our profits by partnering with businesses and community based organisations

Boost your revenue with MyCarte

We know how difficult it can be for clubs, associations and other NGOs to raise funds to continue the valuable services they provide to their members and the community. So we developed our Enterprise Engagement Partner (EEP) program to help NGOs raise revenue while providing added value to their members at the same time.

MyCarte’s Enterprise Engagement Program gives you

A passive income stream

A Custom branded myshoppingcarte website

Member retention benefits

More time to focus on your core purpose

Giving back to the community

Aussie Owned

Supporting local business

We provide two ways to build a passive revenue stream

Enterprise Engagement Partner Program

  • Provide value for members with great online shopping deals
  • Earn commission with every purchase
  • Tap into the growth of online shopping
  • Limited to selected partners only

Introducer Program

  • Leverage your B2B relationships
  • Earn for each ad placed by a business you’ve introduced
  • Tap into the growth of online shopping